Inês Santos Silva
DeSci | Diversity & Inclusion | Ecossystems Builder
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I'm a passionate and accomplished advocate for diversity and inclusion in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology, health and policy.

I'm the Founding Operations Lead at AthenaDAO, a decentralized community working to advance women's health research, education, and funding, and I serve as Co-founder and Chief Activist at Portuguese Women in Tech, a community focused on attracting more women to tech and supporting those already working in the industry.

I'm also the Founder of Women(dot)Business, a social enterprise that creates corporate procurement opportunities for women-owned businesses.

In addition to these roles, I'm a Non-Executive Board Member at Almedina, a historical Portuguese publisher. I am an alumna of the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program, THNK School of Creative Leadership, and the Marshall Memorial Fellowship.

I enjoy reading and engaging in deep, intellectual conversations in my free time.
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